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Pharaoh Ant Proofing & Infestation Control

Pharaoh ants are a major nuisance in homes, commercial properties and especially hospitals. Although these pests cannot be controlled effectively by conventional insecticidal sprays, EBS has the solution to this tropical insect problem.

Effective control is carried out by feeding the ants a purpose made bait in multiple small enclosures placed along their usual trails.Wor

ker ants take the bait back to the nest for food which causes sterility in the queens so they can no longer reproduce effectively.

This means that the demise of the colony is inevitable, although time consuming. Such a programme usually lasts 14-16 weeks as the life-span of a worker ant is 12-14 weeks, with the queens living slightly longer. A reduction in numbers is expected to be noticeable after about four weeks as ants die off naturally.

EBS have successfully controlled such infestations in properties ranging from small food outlets, right up to 100+ room accommodation blocks. Our technical Surveyors will always need to visit first to provide accurate cost and optimum treatment – Free of charge and without obligation to you.

Pharaoh Ant Outline Biology & Habits

The Pharaoh ant originated in the tropics, and has now spread worldwide, even in cooler regions where the insects live indoors taking advantage of our centrally heated buildings.

It prefers a high protein diet including cheese, milk nuts, dead insects, food grease and cooked or raw meat, but will eat many other foods including fruit juices and honey.

They are a particular nuisance in hospitals where their small size allows them to get beneath medical dressings, IV drips etc where they further spread infection.

To identify, worker ants are around 1.5-2 mm long, yellow to golden brown in colour and darkening slightly at the hind quarters. They have no stings and colony sizes can range up to the low thousands. They follow constant trails between their nests and food sources identified by chemical scents left behind and prefer to nest in warm dark areas such as under-floor close to heating pipes.

A colony of Pharaoh ants will have multiple queens. As they mature, they will set up a new nest, sometimes only a few metres away from the original which will develop separately. This habit is known as ‘budding’. Should a nest be disturbed, the workers and queens will take eggs and start new nests elsewhere.

This is the chief reason why insecticidal spray treatments against are not effective as the insects perceive the threat, run away and start the new nests.

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