Pest Bird Control, Bird Proofing & Deterrent Service

Pest Bird Proofing & Deterrent Service

EBS offers a wide range of bird deterrent solutions to prevent pest pigeons, seagulls and others from roosting and fouling on buildings and structures.

Having completed over 1500 bird proofing installations since 2002, we have a vast amount of experience to call upon.

EBS bird control teams are qualified to use Cherrypickers, alloy scaffold towers and rope access (abseil) so we can reach most places without other access costs, such as scaffolding.

Regular training takes place to ensure safety standards are met and maintained at our training centre in Shenfield, Essex.

As well as training in Installation and Health and Safety, our operators are also sensitive to the reaction that bird deterrent works may evoke in some members of the public who may be unaware of the true risks posed by birds!

Reasons to deter pest birds

Hazards from pest birds are usually related to the fouling they produce and mess or damage they cause and can include:

  • Fresh or wet bird fouling on walkways fire exits etc, present slipping hazards and the associated injury risk.
  • Building and structural damage caused by the acidic bird fouling eating into porous surfaces, such as stone and brick.
  • Bird fouling on pitched roofs will eventually be washed into gutters risking blockages. External overflowing is common, however so is internal flooding damage which is always expensive to put right.
  • Insect pests indoors – Birds and their nests and droppings often lead to a range of other pests including flies and mites
  • Disease transmission to humans is fairly rare, however inhaling dry fouling dust can cause illness such as Psittacosis. Allergic skin reactions can also result.

Some of our bird deterrent systems

  • Avishock
  • Anti bird netting
  • Falconry
  • Clearance
  • Spikes
  • Pin and wire

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