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We regularly work for many commercial and residential clients in and around London eradicating bed-bugs that are infesting them to various levels. Our bed bug treatment always starts with a thorough inspection to identify the extent of activity before looking to get rid of them using either insecticidal sprays, or non-toxic heat treatment bubbles, both of which would be teamed with the clients own cleaning practices. Quite simply, this extensive experience has made us very effective at removing bedbug infestations in properties ranging from one bed flats up to large hotels, student accommodations, hostels and more.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed-bug infestations have increased hugely in recent years. This is much to do with the increase of international travel to climates and environments where bedbugs are more prevalent. They are picked up on clothes, luggage etc, packed and brought home. Similarly, travellers to the U.K. can bring them into the country. It is also to do with the general lack of awareness and knowledge of this insect – The adult mated female will lay around 2-3 eggs per day every day of her six month – one year life. This means that at the initial stages of infestation, the bugs can be hard to notice because of the six-eight week development cycle from egg to mature adult. Eggs are hidden away and nymphs are very small and hard to see. After about three months, insect numbers increase massively and quickly, causing rapid spreading of the problem.

Bed bug infestations are often transferred on second hand furniture, bedding and mattresses. When returning from holiday abroad and you suspect beg bug problems, it is advisable to keep holiday clothing, luggage etc bagged and separate from your wardrobe. Hot-wash or specialist clean as soon as possible to kill off adults, eggs or nymphs that you may have been picked up. If you visit a U.K. hotel and suspect an infestation in your room, alert the management immediately. They’ll be grateful I’m sure. If you find small red dots on your bedding, they could well be blood spots from feeding bugs. Red itchy spots on your body in the morning are again likely to be from their feeding.

Bed Bug Biology

Bedbugs grow up to a maximum size of 6 mm approx. Very flat body unless recently fed. Oval shaped, red-brown colour changing to mahogany after feeding.

Reproduction Cycle

Egg-Nymph (5 stages) -Adult. The development from egg-adult takes 6-8 weeks. They will live for 6 months at ambient temperatures of around 23 degrees C. and longer in cooler environments. The adult female bed bug once mated will lay 2-3 eggs daily throughout her life.


Bites from bedbugs cause allergic reactions to various levels stemming from the saliva they inject when feeding. This can include minor, short-term itching, disturbed sleep and inflamed skin wheals of 1-2cm subsiding to red spots which can last several days. They are not a known disease carrier. All the little ’dot’s on the edge of this bed frame are bed bugs. Our pest control technician treated the frame and surrounding areas (eg, carpets, furniture, skirting boards etc) with a high performance residual insecticide which will kill bed bug adults, eggs and larvae. In this case the mattress was disposed of because it was old and worn, however we can use our Heat Treatment Bubble to safely treat mattresses, divans, clothing, rugs etc all without chemicals.

When you arrange for us to visit and treat for Bed-Bugs, it is important that the affected room(s) are cleared for our initial inspection and then treatments. Your Surveyor will advice specifically, however:

  • Bedding – Take it off, bag it up and hot wash or take it to the cleaners accordingly. (Dry cleaners chemicals will kill the insects – let them know they may be present) .Treat curtains nearby the same way. Don’t return items to the affected rooms until we’ve finished treating.
  • Bedside tables, cupboards, divan bases etc – Need emptying so we can’t find the pests, thoroughly and move things around.
  • If you have heavy furniture, chances are we’ll need a hand moving them.

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